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The association Art en Ville creates a new link between the "urban artists" and the actors of the city, owners or managers of walls. The city offers many underestimated supports (walls, gables, technical volumes ...), allowing to accommodate artistic expressions of all types. The creative range proposed by urban art (or street art) is limitless and allows to carry out projects of the most adapted.

The idea is not to parachute art for a simple purpose of embellishment, but to propose works related to their context and the lived experience of the inhabitants. Our interventions are mature to echo the city, a landscape, an architecture.

This approach facilitates the appropriation of works by the population, who live daily with these sometimes monumental paintings. We invite artists to think of their work in relation to these local realities, in a constant search for meaning.

In recent years, we have been able to work with about a hundred artists of some twenty different nationalities, in contact with institutions (town halls, developers ...), and civil society (association, inhabitants, young publics).