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The association Art en Ville creates an original link between urban artists and different actors in the city, such as owners or managers of walls, to make use of the numerous visual mediums scattered across public space. Through permanent or temporary murals, wheatpasting or installations, urban art (or street art) offers a wide range of techniques that can transform the city.

Beyond simply parachuting art for the sake of beautification, we want to propose an authentic experience, resulting in creations that echo the city and it’s landscape, architecture and population.

Our collective seeks to design interventions that make sense, by paying very special attention to the involvement and ownership of a public art work through cultural and urban mediation: consideration of places, co-design, sociocultural content for young audiences, interactions with the artist, etc.

In recent years, we have been able to work with about a hundred artists of some twenty different nationalities, in contact with institutions (town halls, developers...) and members of civil society (association, inhabitants, young publics).